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I am Theodore Gercken, a Libertarian, Board Game Designer, and Extemper. Here you can find an overview of my work, hobbies, and my social media and other project websites.

contact me at contact.theodoregercken@gmail.com

Libertarian Activism

I work in the Libertarian community in order to advance the political message of freedom from big government. I have served in various roles from Chair of my High School's Libertarian Party to Vice-Chair for the Libertarian Youth Caucus. In addition, I have helped out on campaigns from local to national.

The picture is of me (right) and the rest of my county's Libertarian executive committee.

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Board Games

I love to play board games, picking them up with my family any chance I get. My love of games extends beyond just playing them, and I started my own board game studio called Gobi Games where I create new board games.

The picture is the Gobi Games logo.

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Speech and Debate

I have competed in speech and debate since the very beginning of my freshman year of high school. My main competitive event is Extemporaneous Speech, and I am the captain of my school's Extemp team. I qualified for all three Tournament Of Champions (placed in the top 24), my State Championship (placed in the top 14), and the National Championship (placed 33'rd) during my Sophomore year.

The picture is of me after a first place finish in my Freshman year.

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My Other Websites:

Gobi Games: gobi.theodoregercken.com (gobi.games)

Root Fan Website: root.theodoregercken.com (rootgame.net)

Libertarian Youth Caucus of CPS: cpslp.theodoregercken.com

Gercken Puzzles puzzles.theodoregercken.com

Resume: resume.theodoregercken.com

Linkedin linkedin.theodoregercken.com

Twitter: twitter.theodoregercken.com

Reddit reddit.theodoregercken.com

Facebook: facebook.theodoregercken.com

Board Game Geek: bgg.theodoregercken.com

Github: github.theodoregercken.com