I founded Gobi Games in order to be able to work on my board game design passion in a more structured environment. So far, I have created (and finished) three games under Gobi Games, one of which is being pitched to publishers and considered for a Kickstarter. You can see current projects on the website.

Gercken Puzzles

I like to write all different types of puzzles for my website, Gercken Puzzles. All puzzles are my own design, and most are in a format that I invented.

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Out of all of the board games in my collection, Root, a game of woodland might and right, is by far my favorite. With a great combination of asymmetry and whimsical artwork, Leder Games really knocked it out of the park. Because of that, I created rootgame.net, an unofficial fan terminal to house all of the communities resources.

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