We, the members of the Libertarian Party of Alameda County, hold that: No person, group, or government should have the authority or right to initiate physical force against anyone excepting situations involving an actual threat of imminent attack.

The Alameda County Libertarian Party is the County Affiliate of the Libertarian Party of California, itself an affiliate of the National Libertarian Party.

Founded in 1971, the Libertarian Party (LP) is the third-largest political party in the United States. The LP seeks to expand personal freedoms, dramatically reduce taxes and government interference in the economy, and avoid meddling in overseas conflicts.

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I was elected to be the Secretary of the Libertarian Party of Alameda County to continue my work in communications and streamline the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. I vote on the Executive Committee, which runs almost every party function (from fundraising to campaigns), take meeting minutes, run ballots, and coordinate parlimentary procedure.

🗳 Elected in January of 2022

📆 Currently Serving!

Communications Director

About six months after I started to run the communications of the Libertarian Party of Alameda County, I was elected Communications director to make the position official. In that capacity, I completely redesigned and maintain the party website, run the party's social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Discord), write press releases, newsletters, and articles, and design digital strategy.

🗳 Elected in July of 2021

📆 Currently Serving!

Executive Committee Member

I became the youngest member of the Libertarian Party of Alameda County's Executive Committee after helping to organize social media and youth outreach. I acted as a voting member of the Executive Committee, which runs almost every party function (from fundraising to campaigns) and recruits and supports local candidates for office. Each At-Large member of the Executive Committee has an area of focus, and mine was my work as the Communications Director.

🗳 Elected in February of 2021

📆 Ended Term in Janaury of 2022!

Current Committee Assignments: Candidate Support, Essay Scholarship Program

Major Achievements


I completely redesigned the party website (both frontend and backend) and continue maintaining and improving it. Significant changes included a cleaner user interface, increased use of Nationbuilder tools such as supporter tracking and social capital, the addition of donation and event management capabilities, and expanded information for public use about the party and its activities.

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Social Media:

The Libertarian Party of Alameda County's social media now consists of daily posts across all platforms, rigorous user engagement, and a shift in messaging from memes to county party activities and ways that the community can get involved in advancing liberty. This has resulted in greater youth presence at meetings and activities, increased web traffic to our website, more useful engagement, and higher attendance at party meetings and activities.

America has many organizations that exist to spread the ideals of libertarianism to the next generation. However, as they are mostly operating as non-partisan organizations, without an intentional connection to the Libertarian Party, large-scale political activism is inefficient and, because of that, in many cases nonexistent. Students in these organizations may enjoy learning about libertarianism and debating their friends, but they are not being equipped to make change in the broader world.

That is where the Libertarian Youth Caucus steps in. The LYC seeks not just to spread the message of liberty to America’s youth but to cultivate future leaders and candidates for the Libertarian Party. Our members go out into the world with party connections, knowledge of actual campaigns, and the toolset to start channeling their ideals into real-world action.

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Southwest Regional Representative

As the Southwest Regional Representative, I manage and support State and Local Affiliates in California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Hawaii. This involves recruiting State Leadership, providing State Affiliates with the resources necessary to engage in effective outreach, and serving as an intermediary between State Leaders and the National Board.

🗳 Elected in May of 2021

📆 Currently Serving!

National Vice-Chair

As the Vice-Chair, I assist the Chair in managing the Executive Board (as well as State Affiliates) and the national affairs of the caucus. This involves outlining organizational structure and strategy and designing plans for the Board to put into action. In addition, as the Vice-Chair, I chair committees created by the National Board that I am on and manage various non-committee initiatives.

🗳 Elected in February of 2021

📆 Currently Serving!

College Prep Chapter Chair

I co-founded the Libertarian Youth Caucus chapter in California at my high school, The College Preparatory School. As Chair, I organize meetings and activities, engage in on-the-ground outreach to recruit future libertarians, and manage our relationship with the Libertarian Youth Caucus of California and neighboring Libertarian Youth Caucus and Libertarian Party Affiliates.

🗳 Elected in April of 2020

🗳 Reelected in May of 2021

📆 Currently Serving!

Current Committee Assignments: Communications (Social Media and Web Development Subcommittees), Membership, and Bylaws

Major Achievements


I rewrote the Libertarian Youth Caucus bylaws over the Summer of 2021 and worked with the Bylaws Committee and the Executive Board to fully amend the Bylaws to the caucus in a unanimous vote with no hostile amendments. Significant changes to the bylaws included more formalized voting procedures at Libertarian Party of America conventions to ensure consistency with Libertarian principles, a switch to an Affiliate based model in order to utilize local and state leadership more effectively, and a more structured Committee format to allow the National Caucus's most nimble organs to best do their job.

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State Affiliates:

The Southwest Region currently has a higher percentage of State LYC Affiliates filled than any other Region. In addition, I was successful at recruiting enough highly qualified State Leaders to form Executive Boards in order to more effectively do their job as Affiliate Organizations which is the current objective of the caucus.


I took the lead on creating resources for members of the National Caucus team, State and Local Affiliate leaders, and general members. This includes a publicly available Organizational Guide to serve as a fundamental repository for institutional knowledge, sample Bylaws and Cover Letters for State and Local Affiliates, and digital templates such as Instagram Posts and websites for Affiliate Leaders to utilize. In addition, I created materials such as strategy guides and additional graphics that are available for Affiliate Leaders but are not available to the public.

Michael Lema For Hayward City Council

Michael is a true Hayward Native. Born in the city in 1996, he attended local schools, including Hayward High, found his friends, family, and community in the city, and coached soccer and baseball for over six seasons. Now he is running for City Council to give back to his city in a new way: making it a better place for all of its residents. Michael is also a veteran. Serving in the United States Marine Corps for five years and advancing to the rank of Sergeant, he got to see firsthand what it meant to fight for his country, and now he wants to do the same for his city. After being deployed in 2018 to the Middle East to support Operation Inherent Resolve, he is ready for a new challenge, using the freedoms he fought for to better his entire community. Now he is back in Hayward as a Journeyman Electrician, studying to become an Electrical Engineer, and take his next steps as a dedicated member of the Hayward Community.

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🤝 Started work in July of 2021

📆 Currently Working!

Kelly Carden For Kern County Supervisor

Kelly Carden has been in Kern County for most of his life and is so much a part of the community that he is willing to put his name on the line to fix its problems. He knows what the county needs and is not afraid to say it. He is also a Libertarian, allowing him to approach our problems from an out-of-the-box and bipartisan perspective badly needed in politics today.
Kelly Carden believes in managing our water resources more sustainably without saddling unreasonable water restrictions and fees upon Kern County residents. He will divert rainwater to the ground, eliminate decorative grass on county property, and invest in infrastructure. These are solutions proven to work elsewhere. He also pledges to limit our sheriff's ability to enforce laws that infringe our 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms. As a mixed-race son of an immigrant, he knows that all gun laws are directly aimed at people of color and those without the money to pay the fees. Finally, ending the over-regulation of our businesses is at the top of his list of priorities. School choice, rolling back cannabis regulations, and easing restrictions on home building will do wonders for the economy.

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🤝 Started work in May of 2021

📆 Currently Working!

Communications Director and Strategic Consultant:
As a Communications Director, I help candidates to win by building websites, social media pages, advertisements, press releases, speeches, and articles to sell liberty to voters and generate popular support for campaigns. In addition, I use my speech and debate skills to coach candidates on how to approach and convince voters and win formal debates for office. As a Strategic Consultant, I help candidates to win by working with campaign teams to create in-depth research on races and craft strategies to give campaigns the information they need to beat the two-party system at their own game.


LibertyBot is a community service project I created for libertarian discord servers. It is the ultimate LP application with features to tie the libertarian internet community together on Discord with both a general application anyone can use and custom applications that integrate a wide range of features.

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